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How Is Mega Reel Slots Work?

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What if your Free Welcome Bonus were also an exciting game of possibility? We investigate Jumpman Gaming’s invention, Mega Reel slots Sites, which have revolutionized the way players move toward registering for new online casinos.


Why Mega Reel Slots?

A frenzy to end all internet frenzy has swept through the world of online gaming. In the old days, brands competed with each other to offer the prime and best bonuses with the freest spins. Many operators find such a one-upmanship move toward indefensible in the existing industry weather. With bonus cruelty still a major difficulty, and margins becoming slimmer and slimmer, strategists have had to become more imaginative.


A Gambler’s Gamble

The root of this revolutionary thought? What if you could tap into a gambler’s usual need for a gamble while still offering a tempting and often very satisfying welcome bonus?

And so the Mega Reel was born. Jumpman rolled out this new game of possibility across all its slots and bingo sites as an option to the standard welcome bonus in 2017. Although many were distrustful at first, the gambler’s gamble has become one of the most fashionable draws for our Well Done Slots players.

Despite the absolute number Mega Reel Slots Sites and Bingo sites that turn up regularly here on WellDoneSlots, you may still want to know more. You may have on fire questions like “What is the different between the Mega Wheel and the Mega Reel?


What is the Mega Reel?

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The Mega Reel is a game that proceeds as a welcome bonus for at what time novel players sign up and make a deposit at a Jumpman slots. For new players, this means having to make a £10 deposit at their site of option for a possibility to spin the new mega reel sites.

The mega reel mechanism as a wheel of luck type game. You press or click a button to get the wheel rotating and you could land on a whole selection of prizes involving free spins. The correct nature of these free spins rewards can alter depending on what the brand’s theme. The top reward is always 500 Free Spins on a slot, but this can vary violently depending on the site’s target audience. Often it is themed with the brand’s design. So, clearly at Fluffy Spins, it should come as no shock that the spins are for a fluffy slot.

The other communities of spins are frequently alike and include 25 Spins, 50 Spins and 500 Spins. But there is also a possibility that you can get a £10 Amazon Voucher which is sent openly to your email.

But there’s no receiving around that is a game of possibility. So when you see the idea of a top reward of “500 mega reel” being bandied about, there is only a possibility of winning that big and good-looking reward. You are much more probable to 20 free spins or 50 free spins. You may also get a spin once more or… you may get nothing at all.. There is just as much possibility on the face of it to get completely nothing as you are to win 500 free spins.

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